WCST is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental, non-profit making charity and membership-based civil society organization which was established in 1987 with the main aim and commitment of conserving Tanzania flora, fauna, and their environment. In achieving this main aim and commitment, WCST is desirous of working with and advising the Government of Tanzania and all other interested parties and stakeholders within and outside Tanzania.




The variety of life forms or biodiversity continues to be valued, conserved, propagated, and protected as an integral part of the country’s natural heritage for generations to come.


Conserve Tanzania Flora, Fauna, and the environment for the benefit of humankind.


  • To build coalitions and liaise with partners and other organizations in Tanzania and elsewhere in the world, which have objectives similar to those of the Society.
  • To engage in fundraising activities and further implementation of the Society’s conservation activities.
  • To provide technical and other information to the Government and other interested parties on natural resources management, wildlife, and environmental conservation.
  • To participate in the formulation and implementation of wildlife and environmental policies to enhance the achievement of intended objectives.
  • To act as a vehicle for communicating with stakeholders in wildlife conservation and environmental education within Tanzania, thereby awakening an active interest in support, upkeep, wise use, and enjoyment of wildlife.
  • To mobilize public opinion in support of wildlife conservation.
  • To conduct and support wildlife research aimed at the proper management and sustainable use of wildlife resources.
  • To provide a forum by which people may learn and express opinions on wildlife and the environment in Tanzania through the Society`s publications.
  • To provide, own or support sanctuaries, orphanages, and biodiversity refuges to sustain wildlife and environment in situ or transit or enable the same be conserved in any area within Tanzania.


  1. To Inherit from the past, progressively develop forward, and bequeath to the future, with historic assimilation into progressive developments for future benefits.
  2. To create, innovate, inculcate, act with and sustain;-
  • Good behavior, personality, and integrity, free of conflicting personal or group interests, prejudice, or bias of any kind.
  • Genuine individuals’ and organized voluntary spirit and actions, cohesive solidarity and dynamics self –reliance.
  • Good governance, transparency, and democratic decision–making processes with full respect for minority views, gender equality, and tolerance to diversity.
  • Candid, fair balanced wildlife and conservation advocacy, education, and positive activism.
  • Intelligent, timely, and effective planning, programming, and performance.
  • Exemplary accountability and full answerability for anything done, omitted, or uncompleted and in the proper, safe, and secure acquisition, keeping custody and use properties of Society.
  • Focused resilience and ingenuity and
  • Unflinching collective responsibility