WCST’s operations are governed by the Constitution that was amended in September 2017 and printed in 2019. WCST’s Constitution is in conformity with and regulated by the Non-Governmental Organization Act of 2002. click here to find WCST’s constitution for more information.


WCST is in the initial stages of developing its Five-Year Strategic Plan for the year 2021-2015. The Plan is expected to be operational and online by the end of the first quarter of the year 2021.


WCST has a Patron who serves as a symbolic head of the Society. The governance structure is constituted by three organs i) the Annual General Meeting (AGM), ii) the Council, and iii) the Secretariat. Please find details about the roles and responsibilities of each organ in the Constitution.


No. Name Position
1. Dr. Felician B. Kilahama Chairman
2. Prof. Andrew Temu Deputy Chairman
3. Ms. Theresia Raphael Mashao Honorary Secretary
4. Mr. Anthony M. Ngai Deputy Honorary Secretary
5. Mrs. Rebecca Sigallah Honorary Treasurer
6. Mrs. Catherine Rutenge Member
7. Mr. Gerard T. Msasa Member
8. Mr. Mackubi Joseph Member
9. Mr. Augustino Chitanda Member
10. Mr. Aloyce Kimaryo Member
11. Dr. Henry Ndangalasi Member


WCST’s Secretariat is led by the Chief Executive Officer. Please  click here to access Biography of the Acting Chief Executive Officer.

S/n Name Position
1. Henry K. Njovu, Ph.D. Acting Chief Executive Officer
2. Mkama Manyama, Ph.D. (ABD) Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Environmental Management)
3. Nsajigwa Kyonjola, MSc. Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Wildlife Management)
4. Peter Genda, MSc. Program Advisor
5. Sirielannah Katengu, Bachelor Acting Chief Accountant
6. Jonas Dahlström, MA Community Development and Engagement Manager
7. Mwajuma Suleiman, MSc. (ADD) Program Manager
8. Maria Mlelwa, Bachelor Mbeya Branch Manager
9. Charissa Matemanga, Bachelor Accountant/Fundraising Manager
10. Judith Gumbo, Diploma Acting Human Resource Officer
11. Ms. Prisca Shirima, Diploma Secretary
12. Edward Mwakipunda, Bachelor Environmental Education Officer
13. Amina Shabani, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
14. Lucia Romward, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
15. Nasra Dulla, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
16. Neema Mwaja, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
17. Benedict Lisoso, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
18. William Polepole, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
19. Evance Zephrine, Bachelor Membership/Fundraising Officer
20. Petro Nnyiti, Bachelor Membership/Community Development Officer
21. Maheri Sondo, Bachelor Membership/Community Development Officer

PatronsPast Leaders

S/n Name Tenure

His Excellency Retired President of the United Republic of Tanzania: Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete


The late, President of the United Republic of Tanzania: William Benjamin Mkapa

1995 -2005

His Excellency Retired President of the United Republic of Tanzania: Ally Hassan Mwinyi


Council/Executive Committee Chairmen

S/n Name Tenure
1. Retired Chief Secretary of the State – United Republic of Tanzania: Phillemon Luhanjo 2005 -2019
2. Retired Chief Secretary of the State – United Republic of Tanzania: Dr. Matern Lumbanga 1995 -2005