Membership to the Society is open to persons and organizations with good character and conduct and who are law-abiding, committed, and desirous of observing the core values and furthering the aim and objectives of the Society. The Society is currently having a total of 152 active members representing non-professionals, the general public, policy and decision-makers, scientists, researchers, educators, students, wildlife, forest and environmental officers who are dedicated to conserving nature and its environment. The society is set and prepared to strengthen and extend its networks and connections within and outside the country. WCST believes as more members are recruited, new ideas come in, and the easier it becomes to attain objectives for which the Society was formed. With exception of Life Ordinary and Support members, all other WCST’s memberships are based on the calendar year that runs from the 1st of January through the 31st of December of the same particular year.


New or existing members may opt to fill in an online or an offline membership application form to join or renew his/her membership, respectively. It takes roughly TEN minutes to fill in the form and submit to become an active member.

Please click here to fill in an online membership application/renewal form or click here to download an offline membership application/renewal form.